Welcome to Navy Football Federation Australia
The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Soccer Federation was renamed in 2009 to Navy Football Federation Australia (NavyFFA), in line with a Directive from the Football Federation of Australia. NavyFFA is the overall coordinator for football within the RAN, providing opportunities for both female and male members of the RAN to participate in both recreational and elite level football competitions within Defence and the civilian community.


Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the NavyFFA are to:

a.        Encourage, Promote, Foster and Develop the sport of football among members of the RAN;
b.        Encourage competition in the sport of football within the RAN and against the Royal Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force and Australian Public Service;
c.        Manage, Control and Organise competitive events in the sport of football between teams representing the NavyFFA, civilian football organisations and the Service teams of other nations;
d.        Provide RAN personnel the opportunity for selection in representative teams, including selection in representative teams for international tours;
e.        Provide elite players with the opportunity to play at a higher level within Defence and the civilian community; and
f.       Encourage the participation of females in Navy Football through the inclusion of women teams in all levels of competition.